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Really funny jokes and fun quizzes, easy or hard brain teasers and riddles, funny life quotes and funny short sayings, funny practical jokes pranks, short funny poems ad infinitum

We hope you've been training because you're going to need the physical conditioning and mental strength of a finely tuned olympic athlete to work your way through this awesome collection of really funny jokes, funny quotes, poems, fun quizzes, practical jokes pranks brain teasers and riddles, And that's barely scratching the surface...

Get ready for the best really funny jokes:

really funny redneck jokes
  • The best new yo mama jokes, including fun Mexican mama jokes...
  • Clean short funny jokes, very rude short jokes and one liners insults
  • April fools office jokes & practical jokes for school
  • Barack Obama jokes - we selected just the Obama jokes that were in good taste, but that left us with an empty page, so here's the rest...
  • 18th to 80th birthday jokes
  • Redneck jokes etc. See the menu for hundreds more


From easy to hard brain teasers and riddles and Fun Quizzes for teenagers and Adults. Some of our content includes:

really hard brain teasers
  • Fun Quizzes including what every 'trodden by love' soul wants to know: Does she love me, Does he love me quiz? And the crush love quiz test - you sad pathetic bunch
  • Hard brain teasers, visual brain teasers, very hard riddles with answers, funny short riddles and easy brain teasers.
  • Our 'help me solve a riddle' section has the answers to all riddles (with the invaluable help of our most distinguished and intelligent site visitors - show offs!)


And for the budding Shakespearians, some funny life quotes, funny short sayings, poems etc. to fine tune your creative instinct.

really funny road sign
  • Irish sayings, funny fortune cookie sayings, tombstone sayings and sayings about love
  • Short funny poems: funny teenage love poems, anniversary poems, 50th birthday poems, mothers day, thanksgiving etc.
  • very funny quotes about life: famous quotes, inspirational quotes, mothers day quotes, family guy quotes, retirement, christmas, marriage, friendship etc.
  • Funny church signs, traffic signs, office signs etc. Anyway you get the picture...


Ok, so you know that you're really rotten thru and thru and there's no hope for you so here's some funny practical jokes and good pranks to play on people (you were going to find them some place anyway, might as well get the best ...):

  • Funny practical jokes pranks for sleepovers, the office, high school, halloween etc.
  • Good prank phone calls ideas
  • Ideas for good pranks on sisters, brothers, friends, sleeping people, cars etc.
  • And of course if you got made by a lame practical joke we also have Revenge practical jokes, but in the spirit of peace we think you should rather try the harmless practical jokes.
  • April fools office jokes and the history of april fools day - just in case you were wondering if all that craziness and resulting bad tempers and resulting bodily harm has any origins. Basically we let you know who started all the cr&p.


So that should give you enough to chew on but before you continue...

2 very wise words of advice:

1) Plan ahead and invest in some waterproof underwear when reading our really funny jokes.

2) Do not laugh at jokes that portray others in a bad light, which are slightly offensive, or in bad taste - Yeah Right!

All hail: "Funny Fix and their really funny jokes n stuff!"

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Blonde Jokes - Funny dumb blonde jokes including the top 10 of all time.

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hard brain teasers

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